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2021 Recap

Man, 2021 was a year and a half wasn't it?

First things first, you've probably noticed it's been a while since you've heard from me. A lot of that is because in early 2021 the wine company that I represent changed a lot of their rules about marketing, the most important being that I could not mention it by name along with any other products (i.e. oils). Therefore I had to take all the wine content down from this site. So while I had to rethink what this site would and could be, I've come to the conclusion that writing it is good for me and hopefully reading it brings some fun for you.

So without further ado, let's catch up...

2021 Recap

I've never really done the Annual Christmas Note in part because my mom and her friends used to make fun of the ONE lady that did them back in the 80's. They were definitely ahead of their time. Now, while I do like reading them, I guess it stuck with me.

But if I were to do one, here's a few things that it would include:


Nathan (we) adopted a German Shepherd puppy back in April and man it was a rough start. She and my Arlo did not get along to say the least. At one point we actually thought we'd have to rehome her but with a lot of patience -- Nathan's, not mine -- and the right schooling, I am happy to say she's now a beloved member of the family and is staying put. I may need to write a whole blog on our experience there. And while we are a long way from #TikTokFamous they did make their debut a few weeks ago.

Reading Challenge

Like a lot of us I'm trying to read more and doom scroll less. I set a goal to read 30 books this year and while I still need to make sure all my Audible books are loaded it looks like I'm coming in at 44! Guess I need to up my game to 50 in 2022! I'll definitely do a blog, probably the next one, on the top and bottom books of the year. In the meantime check out my GoodReads Reading Challenge! Maybe I'll dish the dish on the books I DNF (Did Not Finish.)

Healthy Me

In not so fun news, like many people our holiday plans were cancelled due to COVID. Earlier in the year I had shingles so it's been a year of putting my little oils to the test for sure. I'm happy to say we came through both of them fairly quickly and I give a lot of credit to the support provided by Melissa (Lemon Balm), Oregano, and Peppermint. If you're looking to arm yourself with some essential oils for the rest of cold and flu season you can shop here or shoot me a message for a one on one consult.


I saw in one of my garden groups that people are still harvesting tomatoes thanks to this warm Texas weather. Well, I wasn't as patient, I pulled all my summer crops not long after I harvested the sugar baby watermelon in September, BUT my fall harvest yielded some romaine lettuce and cauliflower. The latter of which was doused in some Penzey's Italian Herbs and roasted in the oven last night for dinner. Talk about farm to table! Yum. I've definitely had the best year in the garden and am looking for ways to expand what I can grow next year!

Farmhouse Face Lift

The Urban Farm house got a major facelift this summer include a new standing seam metal roof and a new paint job and I just love it. The color is one that I borrowed from a neighbor a mile or so away. It was a custom color she had blended so it didn't have a name, so I've dubbed it Urban Farm Sunset. I was able to work with a local company called Scott Exteriors on the roof and my long-trusted paint and remodeling contractor Francisco took care of all the paint and prep work.

So there's my 2021, I'm making a commitment to be more attentive to my blog in 2022. I think writing is a great way to not only connect with people, but to also provides a creative outlet for me.

I hope you enjoy and if you think someone else might enjoy it, please pass it along.

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