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A Tale of Two Lady Banks Roses

It is spring here at the Urban Farm! Slowly the yard and garden reclamation are taking shape (reclamation? that a word? Google says yes, so onward we go.)

I am FAR from an expert gardener or plant mom – much like yoga I think I will always consider myself a beginner. In fact, just last week my beautiful tricolor hibiscus (indoor plant) up and died in 5 days. It went from thriving to dead in a matter of days. The trouble with plants, in addition to their sometimes-finicky nature, is that they cannot tell you what is wrong.

The hibiscus was wilted one day and appeared to simply need a drink, so being the doting plant mom I am, I obliged. However, the next day she didn't appear to feel much better. Not worse, but her leaves were definitely not living up to their juicy, luscious potential. Fearing that now I had overwatered and maybe she was having root issues I pulled her completely out of the pot,* gave her roots a good massage and cleaning, and then repotted her into some fresh, clean soil. "Here's hoping this would invigorate her as much as say, clean sheets on my bed do for me," I thought.

Alas, no dice. The next morning she was a gonner. Dried crispy leaves. No suicide note. No late rites. Nothing.

Conversely, my Lady Banks roses are really showing their stuff this week. I planted the Lady Banks on the suggestion of my back-door neighbor who grows all sorts of native and wild flowers. His whole front yard is usually full of poppies this time of year. But guess what, his Lady Banks? Dead. It never seems to have come back from the Snowpocalyspe of 2020. These two plants are less than 100 feet from each other how one survived and the other didn't is a mystery for sure. I'm sure he looks at my Lady Banks and has to think "Beginners Luck."

My poor hibiscus would beg to differ about my luck.

Hopefully, you're out (or in) enjoying some garden time! Dirty hands, happy heart. Have a wonderful, joy-filled spring!


Here's what's pouring:

2020 Fieldhouse 301 White Wine Blend. Yes, I know many of you will be shocked that I'm reviewing a white wine, but this one is so crisp and fruity. ((chef's kiss)) It's delicious with all the flavors of a spring salad or some pasta with lemon or pesto. And at $13 a bottle, it's a steal! Get your Mother's Day orders in! (Still a day or two for Easter if you're local).

Here's what I'm reading

One Italian Summer I've just started this one so if you grab it now we can discuss in an upcoming blog! Spring and summer are always when I seem to read 2-3 books per month. A few that I've recently finished are: The Unhoneymooners which was hilarous -- a really fun romance that wasn't drivel. If you're looking for something with a little bit more substance you can never go wrong with Kristin Hannah. I read Night Road at the beach this year. It did not dissappoint. I hear rumors that both of these are going to be movies soon. YAY!

*Pots without drainage hole are the bane of my existence. They are so cute and tempting but never seem to fail. Pots with drainage hole inevitable run water all over my tables and floors. Being a plant mom is hard.

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