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Hi! My name is Alissa Bennett. I love clean beauty, coffee, road trips, being in the kitchen with my kiddos, mambo taxis, and a good hardback book.

Five years ago, I was likely the least “crunchy” person you knew. I knew nothing about environmental toxins and why they matter to our bodies and the earth. Then a friend started telling me about the junk in my makeup. Once I started researching, I couldn’t unlearn what I now knew. Know Better, Do Better became my motto.

I started by switching out 5 easy items in our home. It felt overwhelming to switch everything, so we started with 5 simple switches.

1. My skincare and makeup – This was the avenue that introduced me safer products, so it was the natural first change. I switched immediately Beautycounter because of their integrity, transparency, and advocacy. They were leading the market in safer products and doing it in a way no one had before. I still love Beautycounter and their work. My top 3 favorite products are the Vitamin C Serum, the overnight resurfacing peel, and then Skin Twin foundation.

2. Our laundry detergent – I was using what I thought was “clean” detergent. When I looked on EWG, I realized that what I was using wasn’t in fact safe. I made a quick switch to Molly’s suds and now I also use dropps pods. Our detergent is much safer for our bodies and the environment. User tip: if you have stinky laundry or laundry that needs extra love, use 2 dropps pods.

3. Our daily house cleaner – We used to use Clorox wipes like crazy. We would go through like 1/2 a container a day. Now, we use this. Once you get your spray bottles, you can buy a concentrate refill. I am extremely sensitive to smells and this is one of the few cleaners that I don’t react to in our home.

4. Candles – I love to burn candles. I love the way they make my house smell. I love the way the look. I just love them. What I didn’t realize is that many of my allergies were because of the candles and fragrance in my home. I have ordered way too many “clean” candles and have found only a couple that I love.

Alissa's Favorite Clean Candles:

White Rock Soap Gallery Coconut Wax Candles

B Happy Candles

5. Deodorant – I live in Texas. In the summer here, you need a good deodorant. A really good deodorant. When on the hunt to find safer products for our family, I knew I need to switch deodorant for me and all my people. There several I still love…Schmidt’s charcoal, Beautycounter Coconut, and Primally Pure Tea Tree. I like different things about each of them. I love the way Schmidt’s goes on but it stains the armpits of any light colored clothes. Beautycounter is refillable (major win for the environment, but doesn’t go on as smooth as Schmidts. I love the way the Primally Pure smells but I seem to go through the product faster. Try several different ones and decide which one you love best.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices. You can go down the rabbit hole quickly on the internet. I hope this guide helps makes some choices easier. You don’t have to switch to safer all at once. It’s one choice at a time!


Y'all go find and follow Alissa @MomHackMondays on Insta and FB she also offers great parenting tips. Also, as I mentioned if you act quickly you can get in on a Friends and Family discount on your Beautycounter favs!

Thanks Alissa! I know I'm actually going to research laundry detergent (I'm guilty of getting suckered by the #FreeAndClear labels.)

Have a great week everyone,


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