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Welcome 2021: If you Follow Me There You'll Love Me Here

Updated: May 20, 2021

I love a New Year and whether you call them resolutions or resets or goals or whatever, as an Enneagram 1, I'm all about a chance to start with a clean slate. In this case a clean web site.

I've been trying to use Facebook pages for the past couple years and it's just not working so I'm making the jump to a web site.

If you follow(ed) me on UrbanFarm TX or JennyJet72 you can expect more of the same here. I'm just hoping for a more consolidated platform.

Here's what you can plan to see:

Book Reviews: You guys love these, so they get to stay. I try to read 2 books a month, not breaking any land speed records because I also like TV. And sleeping. #JFOREADS

Paleo/AIP curated content: I say curated because I'm not creating new stuff and I'm certainly NOT a food blogger/photographer, but I'll share what I tried and how I liked it.

Dogs: My Urban Farm has only 2 forms of wild life: Dogs and birds. My job is to feed and walk the doggos and for now the birds only require food to hang around and sing.

Essential Oils: Listen Linda, I know, you've heard 15 ways to Sunday about essential oils, but you probably haven't heard about them the way I use them. Do you have to buy expensive oils from me, to learn something, nope.

Mindfulness & Self Care: This ain't your grandmas's Jean Nate' bubble bath. I love talking about all things spiritual and having a growth mindset is

Random Stuff: Yep. I'm sure there will be some things sneaking in that don't fall into one of those categories. They usually include my backyard cement pond, beaches, and maybe some music.

Here's what you probably won't see:

Kids: Don't have them. Don't really like them.

Cats: Kinda the same

Politics: Yep. Same. We can just call this section thinks I don't have and/or don't really like.

Pears: I hate pears.

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