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The (Sort of) Summer of Lisa Jewell

Proving that the whole world has been on a delay since last March, I’m still working my way through my #selfproclaimed Summer of Lisa Jewell reading list.

I read (i.e. listened to) Then She Was Gone a year or two ago and was riveted. It was one of the first books I listened to while walking my dogs and I found it riveting — always easy to get in an extra mile!

So when the gyms closed and I was resolved to walk, I turned back to Audible for motivation And dubbed this ”The Summer of Lisa Jewell” and had every intention of finishing several audio books during lockdown. (I’m sure there’s an appropriate ironic quote about unfulfilled intentions I should use here but I don’t have it.)

But I digress. Here’s a quick recap of what DID get done for #JFoReads2020

I Found You

I really liked this one. I like the main character and I loved her little sea-side house. I felt it was very descriptive and I have a great visual of what the cottage looked like.

The storyline is believable but also compelling. I definitely could envision this story being on DatelineNBC or 48 Hours. So true crime readers... get started!

Watching You

I think this one just had too many characters for me. The main character is also a young adult male, so maybe I just didn’t resonate with him. Good not great.

The Making of Us

I loved this one. I simply had to know the connection for these people. It’s like a big puzzle — all the pieces are there, you’re just waiting for them to fall into place. The character development is spot on, they are flawed but likeable.

and alas the review du jour

The Third Wife

Oh Adrian (main character), I just want to shake you, but that’s the intent of the story I suppose.

This book is about an immature man (character and author’s words, not mine, but it's accurate) who is always chasing the next flashy thing. The book humanizes the complex relationships of families with a special focus on how they break up and the aftereffects left on hearts and minds of those left behind.

I’ve set some lofty (for me) reading goals for 2021 And there are still a few Lisa Jewell books on my radar.

NEXT UP: GreenLights by Matthew McConaughey. Are you lit?

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